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2017 Car of the Year: Readers choice

What’s your Car of the Year? Vote for your chance to win $1000

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 2017 Car of the Year Finalist

Merc’s technology flagship ushers in the brand’s latest and greatest, and makes a persuasive case for itself in our COTY top six.

Volkswagen Tiguan: 2017 Car of the Year Finalist

Volkswagen’s second-gen Tiguan brings Golf-like polish and refinement to the cut-throat, mid-size SUV segment and our round of six finalists

2017 Car of the Year: Meet the judges

The men and women who have our contenders quivering in their wheel-arches

My first Car of the Year

Going behind the scenes at the 2017 Wheels Car of the Year is an eye-opening experience

Audi A4: 2017 Car of the Year Finalist

It’s clear this A4 generation is the best Audi ever sold in Australia, but can it top the final six?

Mazda CX-9: 2017 Car of the Year Finalist

Mazda’s stylish seven-seater manages to meld together the core COTY disciplines and commands attention in the final six.

2017 Car of the Year: The selection process

What defines a COTY contender? Here's the checklist.

Car of the Year 2017: The contenders

A stellar year for new cars is set to make sparks fly among the judging panel.

Subaru Impreza: 2017 Car of the Year Finalist

The new Impreza is a massive leap forward, and a welcome return to form that made its mark on the COTY top six.