This unhinged Huracan race car is the cheapest Lambo you can buy

This unhinged Huracan race car is the cheapest Lambo you can buy

THE CHEAPEST Lamborghini you can buy (on paper) is an unhinged race car.

Lamborghini has released the latest iteration of its home-grown racer for the one-make Super Trofeo series, and it is the final word in Italian showmanship.

The winged Huracan you see before you is the Super Trofeo EVO racer, and is based on the LP620-2, meaning the naturally-aspirated mid-mounted 5.2-litre V10 engine sends 455kW to the rear wheels.

While it starts life as a road car, the racer gets a serious cosmetic makeover, with the EVO wearing some seriously mean looking aerodynamic bodywork, developed by the boffins at Dallara – the same people behind the 2018 IndyCar racer, and KTM X-Bow road car.

There’s also traditional race car fare of stripped out interior, racing suspension and brakes, and a roll cage.

The new bodywork is the major update over previous Super Trofeo racers, with the car remaining relatively unchanged underneath the skin. The engine will breathe slightly better in the EVO however, thanks to the wonderfully ridiculous air scoop on the roof.

Fresh intakes up front also feed extra air into the cabin, to help improve driver comfort.

It’ll cost US$295,000 to add a Super Trofeo EVO to your (racing) garage, which translates to A$372,851 – that’s before any sort of taxes. The cheapest Lamborghini you can buy in Australia currently is the Huracan LP 580-2, which starts at $390,000. Bargain!

The Super Trofeo EVO will make its official on-track debut next year when the European, Asian, and North American championships will have grids made up exclusively of the racer.

Teams with the current-spec Super Trofeo will be able to purchase the new body kit to upgrade their cars.

It is important to note, being a one-make series, the Super Trofeo racer doesn’t have to adhere to rules and regulations of any other series.

While it looks visually similar to the Huracan GT3 race car, there are subtle but important differences between the two, largely in the aerodynamics.

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