McLaren reveals new track weapon

Oh how we wish we were at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

This is the latest car to be revealed at the iconic event – the new, track-focused McLaren 12C GT Speed.

Think of it as a regular McLaren MP4-12C with all of the boring bits thrown away.

Designed to sit between the regular road car and the extreme GT3 version, the GT Speed is a hardcore, exclusive, track-only special.

Just 20 units will be built annually, with the GT Speed boasting 18kW more grunt from its 460kW 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, lower, harder suspension and slick Pirelli racing tyres.

A new oil and cooling system has also been added, with revised bodywork including a more aggressive front splitter and larger radiator intakes.

Inside the GT Speed gets an FIA-approved roll-cage and fire extinguisher, with the driver able to adjust the car’s handling between three different set-up modes.

So what about money? Well McLaren says it will cost less than 200,000 pounds, which, without taxes, equates to $330,650 AUD at today’s exchange rate.

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