Another F1 shake-up

Another F1 shake-up

Just like our V8 Supercars, the international spectacle of F1 has recently come under fire for awarding consistent point scorers over outright victors in the title race.

The points system was shaken up at the start of the Noughties to give drivers other than Schumi a go at the driver's title. But the FIA heavies have decided the current system - 10 points for first, then scores all the way to eighth place - is still not exciting enough.

The 2009 season will now be scored on wins alone. The placings will still be given a point score as a carry-over 'safety precaution' - in case there is a tie for the title, and to determine the runners-up.

Had this system been in place last year, Massa would have won the championship by a round win...

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