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Madman registers a Porsche 917 for road use in Monaco by stealing another car’s identity

Identity theft of the good kind results in iconic Porsche prototype being registered for road use

F1 proposes removal of sound-deadening turbo energy recovery

The MGU-H hybrid system’s days may be numbered in the interests of saving money – and making noise

Official: Ford Australia to back Mustang’s bid for 2019 Supercars supremacy

Ford’s fastback coupe will receive factory support to vie for next year’s drivers’ championship

Three of the toughest Ford Mustangs to race in Australia

The iconic Ford Mustang will return to top-tier Aussie motorsport next year. These are the legends it’ll have to live up to

VIDEO: Watch Daniel Ricciardo’s ballsy 2018 Chinese Grand Prix passes

Four victims, four brilliant passes from Daniel Ricciardo in what’s set to go down in history as an F1 masterclass

Daniel Ricciardo wins Chinese Grand Prix with passing masterclass

The Honey Badger wins his sixth career Formula 1 Grand Prix with a number of epic overtakes

Vettel trumps Hamilton's 'party mode' at Australian F1 Grand Prix

The 2018 Formula 1 season is off to a surprising start, with clever tactics putting Ferrari ahead of Mercedes-AMG for the first grand prix victo...

Two of Ayrton Senna’s Monaco winning GP cars are up for sale

Fans missing out on his race-suit can now bid on two of the late champion’s fastest Formula One cars.

FIA ‘abusing DNA’ of F1 with halo: Verstappen

Dutch Red Bull Racing Formula 1 star rubbishes the FIA over the introduction of the controversial halo safety device

The crazy backstory to Stefan Bellof’s 1983 Nurburgring lap record

Bellof trounced all with scintillating driving to place himself in the record books, possibly forever

Volkswagen’s Pikes Peak attack to spawn R-badged electric family

This stunning specialist tarmac racer opens up closer ties between Volkswagen’s potent R badge and its in-house motorsport division

How Lewis Hamilton’s rumoured $72 million contract stacks up

The four-time Formula 1 world drivers’ champion could receive the highest base salary of any sports star worldwide

Eyes Forward: Daniel Ricciardo talks F1 2018

It’s almost blast-off time for Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo, but there’s a lot on his plate. Wheels sits down with the honey badger…

Ford and Holden teams engage in war of words as ZB clean sweeps Adelaide 500

Brand-new Commodore racer wins on debut, and backs it up on Sunday

Mercedes crushes F1 opposition in first pre-season test

Lewis Hamilton put in an ominous performance late on the final day of testing in a chilly Barcelona