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Italian designer splits with Audi

Giorgetto Giugiaro, the man behind countless beauties, has sold his remaining shares of the company bearing his name to majority shareholder Audi.

Government backs parallel imports

Government minister adds to industry fears that Australia will open the floodgates to parallel imports, arguing that it would give motorists mor...

Holden culls build numbers, jobs

More pain as local carmaker cuts Commodore, Cruze production

Toyota can't guarantee staying to 2017

Toyota could leave Australia before its 2017 deadline, with the company refusing to guarantee it won’t shut its factories early

Gone! Toyota to leave Oz by 2017

Toyota has announced it will follow Ford and Holden and cease manufacturing in Australia by 2017.

Ford: We could close before 2016

Ford admits it could cease manufacturing in Australia months or even years ahead of its original 2016 schedule.

Hyundai braces for busy year

Koreans attempt to crack six figures with a cornucopia of new cars over the next 12 months or so

Holden free to cherry pick in the future

Holden will be free to cherry-pick from General Motors global automotive portfolio after the closure of its Australian manufacturing operations...

Holden not going anywhere: Batey

Ex Holden MD adamant the lion brand won’t step aside for Chevrolet in Australia

2013 VFACTS: Winners and losers

VFACTS data for 2013 reveals the Toyota Corolla as the best-selling passenger vehicle in Australia, just pipping the Mazda 3.

Holden's timeline to destruction

To many, it seemed inevitable, but Holden’s decision to cease manufacturing in Australia was a long and sometimes painful journey. Here’s how it...

Holden closure: the full story

Holden to become full-line vehicle and parts importer with design studio staying

Holden closure: Toyota's response


Holden closure: company statement

Dead: Holden to cease manufacturing by 2017

Dead: Holden to cease manufacturing by 2017

Dead: Holden to cease manufacturing by 2017