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'Holden's Evoke makes me smile,' says Land Rover boss

Jaguar Land Rover wasn’t angered by Holden’s decision to name its entry level VF Commodore the Evoke -- which sounds suspiciously like Land Rove...

Car industry slams 'dire' tax changes

Another nail has been hammered into the coffin of the Australian motoring industry - and it’s the Federal Government that’s swinging the hammer.

Holden denies holding Government to ransom

Holden has denied media reports that it is playing "double or nothing" with the Federal Government, demanding another $265 million in funding or...

Holden to cut wages, axe more staff

Holden will ask its workers to take pay cuts or voluntary redundancies as it looks to secure its manufacturing future in Australia.

Ford Australia timeline

Wheels looks back at the history of Ford Motor Company in Australia.

Holden bullish despite Ford closure

Ford's announcement that it will cease local manufacturing has taken Holden entirely by surprise, and given its VF Commodore launch a black eye.

Aussie-made Fords to finish in 2016

Ford’s Australian manufacturing operations to wind up in October 2016 as company announces new era of full-line importation.

Ford Falcon dead by 2016

It's official – The Ford Falcon, one of Australia's oldest and most iconic nameplates, will die in 2016.

Ford Australia closes down

Shock! Ford Australia will close its Australia factories. After years of dwindling sales, and no sign of recovery, Ford Australia has decided to...

V8 power saves electric car

In a delicious dose of irony, struggling electric car maker Fisker looks to have been saved by a petrol burping, tyre shredding V8.

Breakdown: Holden's $2 billion in funding

Holden’s decision to cut 500 jobs has seen it make headlines around the world – with many outlets focusing strongly on the brand’s hefty governm...

Holden axes 500 jobs

Just two months from the launch of its new VF Commodore, Holden will cut 500 jobs from its plants in South Australia and Victoria.

Ferrari profits soar thanks to three of its top models

Ferrari has recorded a significant increase in both profits and sales thanks to three of its top models

Saab sold - to Koenigsegg!

Saab stays in Swedish hands.

US Mail - Trainer wheels

Wheels US correspondent John Lamm updates us on the latest mishaps and money problems in Motown.