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Benz boss parks the crystal ball

Uncertain year ahead but von Sanden remains positive in the face of the economy.

BUZZ: Wagoner steps down

GM's Chariman and CEO is the latest victim of the Motown meltdown, as the US President demands his resignation before more money is lent.

Ford recalls all nat-atmo Territory SUVs

A brake hose problem has led Ford Australia to voluntarily recall all non-turbocharged MkI Territory models ...

Toyota City in ruins

Inhabitants of Toyota's home town struggle for work as automotive boom is replaced with economic gloom.

Toyota halves production, shuts manufacturing plants

Expecting its first official operating loss in six decades, the automotive superpower has slashed production in Japan and America.

Big cuts for BMW fat cats

The Bavarian carmaker is feeling the economic pinch, and warn employees that job and salary cuts are on the horison.

Meltdown in Motown

It was once the engine room of America and the car-building capital of the world. Now Detroit is in danger of stalling ... permanently. How did...

Penny pinching

Opel dealers may top up GM's empty piggy-bank to keep the wheels rolling.

Chery on top

When Ford puts the last remaining piece of the Premier Automotive Group pie up for auction, it may find Chery is the flavour of choice.

GM passes on billion dollar loan

Cost reduction and cuts across the board allow GM to hold its debt-ridden head up high.

Nissan staff 'OK to moonlight'

More signs of belt-tightening in Japan, with Nissan employees given the green light to moonlight while the company is quiet. Peter Nunn reports...

New Safety Standards for the European Union

EU mandates stability systems and efficient tyres from 2011.

Credit crunch

The fractured - nay, broken - American car market has forced Japan's big four to turn to its government for financial assistance.

February vehicle sales down 21.9 percent

This month's VFACTS sales figures show more short-term doom and gloom for the local market, but spirits (and sales) should rise by June.

US Mail: The casualties of crisis

Wheels magazine's US correspondent John Lamm reports from the war zone.