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Ford names new head of North American business

A new boss is installed less than a day after the unexpected departure of the old one

Ford’s Raj Nair steps down due to 'inappropriate behaviour'

Ford North America president Raj Nair is leaving the company following an internal investigation

GM to shut down Holden Astra sedan factory

Rising costs have forced one of the world’s largest car makers to question the need for its South Korean car industry

Emissions cap would empty showrooms, new-car industry warns

If Australia moves too fast on setting tougher emissions standards, car makers would have to drop models from sale, FCAI says

Consumer watchdog calls for new-car sales reforms to protect buyers

Better warranty support, more choice for servicing and more realistic fuel use figures named as top priorities

Chevrolet won’t replace Holden, company insists

Chevrolet product announcements raise questions about the future of Holden-branded vehicles

Ford, Holden, Nissan all paid no tax, audit shows

UPDATED: Annual audit of corporate tax shows three of the biggest car makers sidestepped a tax bill in the 2015-16 financial year

Holden’s top secret proving ground gains $7m boost

More work means more investment as GM tips more money into Holden's new-car research and development budget

Citroen warranties halved by new Australian distributor

Citroen warranties cut to three years. Peugeot and Citroen network realigned

Australia takes lead on lightweight car technology

We may have lost our manufacturing industry, but researchers aim to keep Australia on the global car-making radar

Tesla posts record loss as Model 3 production taps the brakes

A series of hiccups have pushed the Californian electric car maker deeply into the red

Europe’s watchdog raids Mercedes-Benz, VW in widening cartel investigation

If German car makers colluded on diesel engine technologies, what other deals were they striking?

Holden ends manufacturing in Australia

The final Holden Commodore, a Red Hot SS V Redline V8, has marked the last day for the nation’s local car manufacturing legacy

Holden finds a buyer before its Adelaide factory closes

An unnamed investor plans to turn Holden’s Elizabeth site into an innovation hub, while the car maker plans for a heritage centre

Why Toyota’s final day lacked in significance

Toyota’s achievements have been largely ignored in the shadow of Ford and Holden, but why?