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Citroen warranties halved by new Australian distributor

Citroen warranties cut to three years. Peugeot and Citroen network realigned

Australia takes lead on lightweight car technology

We may have lost our manufacturing industry, but researchers aim to keep Australia on the global car-making radar

Tesla posts record loss as Model 3 production taps the brakes

A series of hiccups have pushed the Californian electric car maker deeply into the red

Europe’s watchdog raids Mercedes-Benz, VW in widening cartel investigation

If German car makers colluded on diesel engine technologies, what other deals were they striking?

Holden ends manufacturing in Australia

The final Holden Commodore, a Red Hot SS V Redline V8, has marked the last day for the nation’s local car manufacturing legacy

Holden finds a buyer before its Adelaide factory closes

An unnamed investor plans to turn Holden’s Elizabeth site into an innovation hub, while the car maker plans for a heritage centre

Why Toyota’s final day lacked in significance

Toyota’s achievements have been largely ignored in the shadow of Ford and Holden, but why?

VFACTS: Trade ute wars push Ranger to top-selling spot in September

The Toyota Hilux drops to second spot on the charts for the month as the Corolla takes the passenger car title

What happens after lights-out at Toyota’s Australian factory?

At 1pm on October 3 Toyota’s car making machines fell silent for the final time. But it marked the start of a bright, new era, it says

End of local manufacturing won’t dent 200K sales: Toyota

Toyota aims to maintain 200,000 sales a year despite departed locally made Camry

Toyota shuts shop - A Wheels exclusive report

Join Wheels as we follow the last Australian-made Camry off the line at Altona

Toyota sets line-off ceremony timing for end of Aussie car making

As of 1pm on Tuesday, October 3, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia will no longer be making cars here, closing the doors on five decades of his...

Takata recalls: One in four cars on Australian roads now affected

More cars are implicated in the Takata saga as the Federal Government moves to make the voluntary recall mandatory

Nissan Renault Mitsubishi Alliance aims for world domination

Electric vehicles, self-driving cars and another potential takeover target take shape in new six-year plan

Australian crash safety chief to head up global watchdog

Lachlan McIntosh, the road safety advocate who once gave Australia the world’s toughest crash test framework, will now head up Global NCAP