2016 Paris Motor Show: Renault Trezor concept leaked

All-electric supercar concept ushers in sleek new design direction for Renault.

A TANTALISING first glimpse of Renault’s Trezor concept car has leaked on Twitter, revealing a stunning two-seater powered by a motorsport-derived electric drivetrain.

Set to star at tomorrow’s Paris Motor Show where it will take centre stage on the Renault stand, the Trezor also features autonomous driving tech and an electrically operated canopy than rises forward to give access to the cabin.

While exact details are yet to be confirmed, the canopy’s design and operation look remarkably similar to the one used on Holden’s 1969 Hurricane concept car pictured below.

658_Holden HurricaneRenault overnight used virtual reality headsets to give select journalists their first look at the Trezor, with chief designer Laurens van den Acker saying the concept car “starts a new design cycle for Renault”.

As such, you can expect the Trezor’s bold styling cues to trickle through the rest of the Renault range in the coming years.

In terms of propulsion, van den Acker revealed the Trezor uses “an electric engine that we developed with Formula E”, but didn’t mention power outputs or potential performance. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s show for more details.

658_renault _trezor _filtrado _DM_1However, Renault execs confirmed to Wheels that the Trezor “is a runner” and can move under its own steam despite being a concept.

Van den Acker also confirmed the Trezor has “all of the connectivity technology that you’d expect, including autonomous drive”.

A short video showed that when autonomous mode is engaged, the Trezor’s steering wheel slides apart and the letter “AD” for autonomous drive appear on the dashboard.

Renault announced a new deal with computing giant Microsoft earlier this week to help drive its future range of autonomous and connected cars.

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