2016 Detroit Motor Show: Twin-turbo Ford Mondeo Sport revealed

2016 Detroit Motor Show: Ford Mondeo Sport

US version of Mondeo gets an almighty twin-turbo V6 performance model that could've powered our own Aussie Falcon

FORD has revealed a twin-turbo V6 that could have powered the home-grown Ford Falcon – but will instead shoehorn under the bonnet of the American cousin of its fully imported European replacement.


The Ford Fusion Sport, unveiled at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show overnight as the headline act for the US carmaker’s version of the Mondeo mid-size sedan and wagon range, will push drive to all four wheels via a twin-turbocharged 2.7-litre V6 producing a “projected” 240kW and 475Nm.

That compares with 270kW and 533Nm from the turbo 4.0-litre in-line six used in the Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, and the 310kW and 565Nm expected out of the more highly tuned XR6 Sprint that will go on sale later this year.

Despite Detroit's 'One Ford' mantra, the Ford Australia has confirmed that the high-performance Mondeo won't be sold Down Under.

Nor will any of its tech become options on Aussie models, such as the magnetic-adjustable suspension which helps it to live up to the Sport part of the badge.

FORDFUSIONRESIZED3“The system features pothole detection technology that, in less than the blink of an eye, adjusts the shock absorbers to greatly reduce the severity of impact transmitted to occupants,” Ford said.

“Power and handling are complemented by unique, performance-inspired style inside and out. The look is distinguished by an aggressive exterior with deeper air intakes and a gloss black-finish mesh grille, 19-inch wheels, rear spoiler and dual twin exhaust outlets.”

Ford has also used the Detroit show to reveal a conventional hybrid version of the Fusion, alongside a plug-in hybrid model that can travel up to 30 kilometres under electric power alone, kicking over to a 2.0-litre petrol engine when needed to give a combined range of about 800 kilometres.

17Fusion Sport _07_HRRESIZEDREAR

One of the big changes for the Fusion is the move to a Jaguar-style dial replacing the traditional gear selector, which Ford says “results in a roomier cabin with easy-to-reach bins”.

The new Fusion is due on sale in the US in July this year.

Ford Australia announced in 2007 that it planned to halt Australian production of the 4.0-litre in-line six, used in both Falcon and Territory, and replace it with the V6 that powered the Ford Mustang. The plan also included fitting the Falcon's independent rear suspension to the pony car. However, the decision was reversed in 2008, helping to seal the orphaned Australian large car’s demise.

Instead, the Mustang continued with a cheaper live-axle rear until the latest model went on sale in North America in 2014 ahead of its arrival in Australia in December 2015.

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  • Ford US has always treated Ford Australia as an afterthought. We get new models delayed way past overseas release dates; local Falcons and Territories were starved of development funds for many years; marketing and advertising is a joke! Look at Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda - advertising is everywhere! No wonder they sell well. They prove you don't need a better car to sell well. Fiesta, focus and Mondeo are first class vehicles but nobody in Australia is buying them. Why? So much for Ford's "one world" cars. I guess we got lucky they bothered to develop the mustang in R hand drive!
  • We need this car as mondeo ST in OZ
  • @Lachy I couldn't agree more,Mondeo needs this as an image builder,The Fusion version of this car is more to Australian tastes.
  • The mustang will save Ford Aust to a degree. The Mondeo is a great car that is a little overpriced. Fiesta & Focus sales have slipped dramatically over the last 18 months and are only minor players. Falcon & Territory are also now struggling. If Ford had previously taken more of an interest in its locally built & imported products & establishing LHD export markets you would have to wonder if this could have reversed the situation that they are now in. Ford Australia are almost certainly to blame for a big % of their current issues.
  • @The phantom I don't know how you can say this when GM are shafting Holden just as much, if not more - no corvette, no Camaro and Commodore to become front wheel drive. As much as I don't like some of Fords decisions, and they are basically giving Australia scraps..... they are still giving their fans more than GM are.
  • Ford are on the right track with the Focus RS, Mustang, Fiesta ST, new Focus but they really need this Mondeo to help make the brand a bit more aspirational in Australia. With some of the tech of the Focus RS this top spec Mondeo could take sales from the badge snob cars and attract people to the brand like never before. It could be marketed as a poor mans BMW M3. You would possibly get some of the FPV guys to stay in the family as well.
  • And you wonder why Ford Australia are losing the battle. If this was GM. They would be fighting tooth & nails for this. Why shouldn't Australia Get this car. It could be marketed by Ford as genuine tourer. under the XR banner. say XRT4 I'm sure many who missed out on the Mustang, The Various police Highway patrol, Come Ford you as for you loyal customers to stick with you. now show some faith to the customers. .
  • So, a v6 with 2 snails an still doesnt rate agajnst the XR6T. America is always playing catch up to Australia. Pathetic really