Detroit: Porsche's retro drop top

Porsche has wound back the clock in Detroit, revealing a new Targa with design that harks back almost half a century.

This new, seventh generation Targa, is full of retro inspired details – like its fixed B-piller hoop, or Targa bar - albeit with a modern, electrically operated roof that allows for open top driving with the push of a button.

As always with Porsche, the new cloth roof if wonderfully over engineered and features fabric-covered magnesium roof panels which fold into a Z-shape and stow behind the rear seats.

Based on the new 991 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, the Targa is tipped to share the same dimensions and power as Porsche’s other four-wheel drive models, meaning a 257kW 3.4-litre flat six in standard guise, or a 294kW 3.8-litre unit in the Targa S.

Expect the Targa to hit Aussie roads around May.

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