Suzuki reveals Jimny successor | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Suzuki's iV-4 compact SUV due in 2015 promises to be a tough little off-roader if the concept's rugged design is any indication.

What does the phrase ‘Grab Your Field’ suggest to you? Please tell us, because we've no idea. And it's important; it's the catch-cry for Suzuki's spiritual successor to the Jimny 4WD revealed at the Frankfurt Show.

This is the iV-4 concept - we've no idea what the name means, either - but a production version is confirmed, and will be with us in 2015. Aimed primarily at Europe, this compact SUV measures just 4215mm tip to toe, which is a smidge longer than the Nissan Juke.

Suzuki believes the iV-4's tough look, and the rugged off-road potential it suggests, will appeal to buyers. As will a desire to customise the car - Suzuki showed video footage of an iV-4 with different colours on the body, the roof and the pillars.

Info on what's under the distinctive clamshell bonnet is scarce. Suzuki would only say the iV-4 will be light weight and boast one of the lowest CO2 ratings in its class.

Four-wheel drive is available via Suzuki's Allgrip system, as fitted to the SX-4.

No word from Suzuki Australia on whether the production version could come to Australia.

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