It's a Lamborghini...limousine!

No you don’t need glasses.

What you’re looking at really is a Lamborghini Aventator limousine.

UK-based luxury-hire-car firm Cars For Stars is designing the stretched Lambo, which will hit the roads soon.

The limo will feature creature comforts such as heated seats, plasma screens, iPod docks, surround sound, champagne bars and two sets of Lambo’s iconic ‘scissor doors’.

The limousine will also retain the Aventator’s massive 6.5-litre, 515kW V12 engine.

But say goodbye to the Aventador’s sticky handling and mind-bending performance.

Car purists will lament the drop in performance, but Cars For Stars insists the limo will remain ‘loyal to the original iconic Aventador design’.

Apparently that means using ‘only the finest materials’ in its construction.

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