2009 Geneva Show - Giugiaro Frazer Nash Namir

Giugiaro Frazer Nash Namir

Concept or production: Concept
What is it: A new concept from an old British carmaker.
Highlights: Fraser Nash was a British automaker who, back in the 1920s and '30s, made less than 500 chain-driven cars before giving the manufacturing game away and importing BMWs instead.

Ironically, this defunct brand has charged back into the motoring world with hybrid-electric drivetrains and cars, the latest of which is a collaboration with the Guigiaro design studio.

The FN hybrid drivetrain is based around a 814cc rotary, which drives a power generator charging a big 400 volt Lithium battery. This in turn charges the axle-mounted electric motors, which develop a combined power output of 270kW to hurl the Namir to a 0-100km sprint of 3.5secs.

And all the while sipping 2.6L/100km... Who said rotaries were thirsty?

Australia-bound: No.

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