2009 Geneva Show - EDAG Light Car-Open Source

EDAG Light Car - Open Source

Concept or production: Concept
What is it: Rolling education for the tailgating masses.
Highlights: Though it looks a little odd and unoriginal (think Toyota 1/X concept from the Melbourne show last week), the latest EDAG electric concept has a few very cool features.

The best road safety element to this black jelly-bean has to be its rear window - LEDs through the entire panel can alert the traffic behind if the car is braking hard, or if traffic conditions ahead have changed. The LED panels on the front can change the headlights to blinkers and vice-versa, while its battery charge on the lower side sill doubles as a cool graphic.

It has a 100 percent recyclable chassis made of basalt fibre (like carbon fibre, but made up of mineral compounds), and it uses hub-mounted electric motors to save on space.

But the best bit is the open source inference - EDAG has developed the car and its cool components for others to improve upon. A great advancement for technology, and a great PR nod for EDAG.

Australia-bound: No.

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