Special issue – Wheels farewells the Aussie Holden. On sale now

Wheels November 2017 cover_main

IN MANY regards, this is the issue we never wanted to produce.

Indeed, documenting the end of Holden’s Australian manufacturing was an assignment that, for many years, seemed wholly inconceivable. Hindsight’s a bittersweet thing though, and for any number of obvious reasons, our special 196-page Holden tribute issue is one that you won’t want to miss out on.

Holden closureWe examine the reasons why Holden foundered, celebrate the best of its cars, its finest hours on track and plot the ascent through the General Motors firmament of some of Holden’s best and brightest alumni.

We visit Holden’s Elizabeth plant as the lights click out and document some of Wheels’ epic drives in Aussie-built Holdens. It’s been an emotional journey, with this magazine and Holden’s history being tightly intertwined across more than five decades.

All Holden DayWe’re also putting Alfa’s Stelvio through the wringer, pitting Honda’s Civic Type R against its most serious hot hatch rivals and, without issuing too many spoilers, bringing a whole host of other extras to this 196-page bumper issue.

Honda Civic Type R comparoIn addition to this, we’re giving something back to our loyal subscribers in the form of an exclusive cover. Unavailable on retail shelves, these high-concept images give the industry’s best photographers a showcase they deserve. Plus they’ll look the business on your coffee table. Click here for a great value subscription deal and get something a bit special delivered straight to your door each month.

Old Holden adWant more? Download the Wheels app or, if you’re all about the delayed gratification, pick up the November 2017 issue, on sale from October 19.

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