Hyundai G70 to get V8-rivalling V6 TT hybrid

Hyundai G70 to get V8-rivalling V6 TT hybrid

Hyundai’s high performance, rear-drive answer to the Kia Stinger GT will pick up more luxury, more features and the option of a V8-bashing hybrid drivetrain – plus, it won’t even wear a Hyundai badge.

The hotly-anticipated twin turbocharged V6 engine that will appear in the Genesis G70 – the 3 Series-rivalling small sedan due later this year to spearhead Hyundai’s new luxury brand – is set to get an electric upgrade as part of an alternative drivetrain performance push.

Speaking at the recent New York motor show, Genesis chief Manfred Fitzgerald confirmed hybrid and electric drivetrains would form a crucial part of the upcoming six-model range, set to arrive in Australia from late in 2017 with the G70 and G80, the latter an update to the existing Hyundai Genesis large sedan.

Genesis G70 prototype spy pics

“Alternative propulsion systems are at the core of this brand,” says Fitzgerald. “The ICE’s [internal combustion engine] dominance of performance, that’s going to go away.”

In its standard guise, the 3.3-litre twin turbo V6 set to debut in the Stinger within months pumps out 276kW and 510Nm, the latter on tap from 1300rpm.

Even a modest hybrid upgrade is likely to push that peak output to 350kW or more, with torque receiving a decent mid-rev boost too.

It also opens the possibility of all-wheel drive, with the electric motors a chance to power the front wheels, allowing the V6 TT to take care of the rears.

Of course, the hybrid system – likely to be a plug-in setup that allows some all-electric driving for about 50km – will add weight, something that will take the edge off performance.

But expect the overall equation to boost acceleration as part of a push towards hybrid performance.

As for a V8, it appears Genesis is keen to rely on technology rather than cubic capacity for its future performance models.

Genesis design chief Luc Donckerwolke was quick to dismiss future Genesis V8 models.

“As much as I like V8 … the electrification is going to be a main element [for performance],” says Donckerwolke.

“Emissions have to be reduced drastically; today a V8 is not exactly responding to that.”

Genesis chief Manfred Fitzgerald says electric is critical to positioning Genesis.

Elsewhere, the Genesis G70 is expected to up its luxury game to tempt buyers into a car that will share some underpinnings with the more affordable Stinger.

The Genesis G70 will be smaller than the Stinger, with Genesis instead focusing on the driving experience and overall ambience of a car with big luxury aspirations.

So expect greater attention to detail with materials and luxury finishes as well as features more in line with its luxury positioning.

The G70 is expected to start at about $60K, but expect the V6 turbo and hybrid options to push well above that, instead targeting higher output versions of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4.

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