Dodge Demon to Get Truly Devilish 1119kW output courtesy of Hennessey

Dodge Demon to Get Truly Devilish 1119kW output courtesy of Hennessey

Less than a month after issuing a not-so-subtle diss toward Dodge’s race-ready Demon with its Camaro Exorcist, US tuner Hennessey Performance has decided to have it both ways by announcing a Demon-based rocketship of its own.

And while a stock standard Dodge Demon makes a stonking 626kW of power, Hennessey claims it will be able to dial that up to a truly monstrous 1119kW (or 1500hp) for its customers. A slightly less insane 745kW power upgrade is also expected to be on Hennessey’s tuning menu.

Specific details of exactly how Hennessey plans to almost double the Demon’s already-prodigious power output have yet to be made clear, but the company has indicated that headers, engine tuning and supercharger upgrades will be on offer.

The company will also make an NHRA-legal roll cage available for the Dodge Demon. With the Demon capable of a 9.65-second quarter-mile timeslip, the US drag racing body had deemed the cage-less Demon to be non-compliant for drag competition due to safety reasons. Hennessey’s cage will allow Demon owners to make their cars truly race-ready.

A parachute is in store for Hennessey’s catalogue of Demon parts as well, which should probably be mandatory for those going for the 1119kW engine package.

Seem excessive? With a factory-standard Dodge Demon being capable of pulling 1.8G of longitudinal acceleration and capable of lifting the front wheels on launch, before hitting 96km/h in a barely believable 2.3 seconds, bolting a parachute between its tail lights doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

If the Demon is too modern, perhaps you’d prefer a classic drag special like the 1968 Hemi Hurst Dodge Dart L023.

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