2018 Aston Martin Vantage - or Vanquish - teased in gratuitously drifty promo video

Aston Martin factory hoonery

ASTON MARTIN may have offered a first glimpse of its next sports car, with a sneaky flash of an unidentified headlight buried deep in a seven-minute video that was created to celebrate the acquisition of its new assembly plant.

Have you ever been at a party that is going so well that all the furniture is shoved into the garage so you can dance? Well the British high-performance car maker did the automotive equivalent at its new site - but instead of locking away the best china, it wheeled out $111,000,000-worth of Aston hardware and let its drivers loose. Take a look:

During the course of the video where its two factory racing drivers and chief engineer are realising every petrolhead’s dream of performing an indoor automotive ballet using some of the rarest and most desirable Astons, the mischievous trio stumble upon three concealed vehicles.

The first two are revealed to be the AM-RB 001 concept that will become the Valkyrie production car and the DBX SUV concept, but the full removal of the third sheet is stopped short by the “boss” Andy Palmer arriving, with only a portion of the headlight revealed.

No reference is made to the mysterious car, but with a low profile compared with the jacked-up DBX and two new sports coupes just around the corner, we reckon the car is most likely to be the next-generation Vantage that is expected to debut at the Los Angeles show later this year – or potentially the Vanquish which will follow in 2018.

Or perhaps the enigmatic headlight belongs to Aston Martin’s upcoming sub-Valkyrie mid-engined supercar?

Either way, the subtle tease is part of a spectacular show in which three gun drivers slide, burn and thrash around the company’s new Welsh premises in a heap of very expensive metal from every era of Aston Martin’s colourful history.

With a serious amount of destroyed rubber left on the floors of its new facilities in Wales and the sound of V8 and 12-cylinder engines still reverberating through the massive hangars, we would say that Aston’s new digs have been well and truly christened.



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