Mercedes-Benz fire risk forces massive global recall

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MERCEDES-Benz Australia is waiting to see if cars sold here are affected by a potential fire hazard that has resulted in one million cars being recalled around the world.

The recall covers vehicles from across the model range including the popular C-and GLA Classes, as well as E-Class and CLA cars, and GLC SUVs produced between 2015 through to 2017.

Daimler is has initiated the huge recall because of a starter motor part known to overheat. The German carmaker revealed that 51 fires had been reported worldwide including 30 in the US.

Recall documents released last week in the US where almost 308,000 cars are affected, stated the problem was caused by a faulty current limiter in the starter motor that overheated when drivers tried to start the vehicle.

In each case the engine failed to turn over. Repeated attempts to start the car led to the overheating, which would melt nearby parts and spark a fire in some cases.

Mercedes started investigating the problem in June after field reports of "thermally damaged" current limiters.

Owners in affected countries will be notified this month and again when replacement parts are available in July. It will take about an hour for dealers to install another fuse to prevent the problem.

The repair will be done free of charge.

Mercedes-Benz Australia said it was still waiting to see if the recall would need to roll out here, with a spokesman telling Wheels: “We are currently looking into the details of this recall as a highest priority to confirm if any vehicles sold in Australia are affected.”

Wheels called one Mercedes-Benz service department, which said dealers were waiting on word from head office. It said dealers would contact owners of affected vehicles if or when instructed.

The issue is yet to appear on the Product Safety Australia Recalls website.

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