Aston Martin DB4 GT to be revived as continuation special

2017 Aston Martin DB4 Continuation car

These cars will be more than mere replicas. When Aston builds the final 25 DB4 GTs, it will continue the original VIN sequence that began with the 75 original cars built between 1959 and 1963.

Costing over AU$2,500,000, the new-build Aston Martin DB4 GTs won’t come cheap, but that figure suddenly becomes a smart deal when you consider the expected asking price of an original model – a tad over $5,000,000.

2017-Aston -Martin -DB4-GT-Continuation -frontA bigger issue, however, is that to be able to drive it regularly you will need to own – or at least have easy access to – a racing track, which isn’t entirely out of the question if you’re able to buy .

Though they’ll be issued with a proper VIN, the new DB4 GTs will be strictly track-only vehicles – based on the lightweight racing models of which only eight were originally made.

2017-Aston -Martin -DB4-GT-Continuation -rearBeing built in Aston’s traditional U.K. home at Newport Pagnell, the new DB4s will be the first car built on the production line since the Aston Martin Vanquish S in 2007.

The DB4 GT is perhaps best known for being the vehicle Stirling Moss piloted to victory at Silverstone in 1959.

2017-Aston -Martin -DB4-GT-Continuation -rear -sideThe original car boasted a 3.7 litre, six cylinder engine capable of producing 254kW, and with modern building techniques, the engine that equips the DB4 GT continuation cars should be faster than ever.

The body will be shorter and sleeker than the original, and being made out of aluminium, is expected to weigh little more than 1200Kg.

2017-Aston -Martin -DB4-GT-Continuation -top -rear -sideWhile most mechanical aspects of the car will be brought up to modern standards, Aston’s attention to detail means interior features right down to the distinctive wood-lined steering wheel will remain the same.

In a statement, Aston’s president and chief executive officer Andy Palmer said the decision to reopen the cars production line is a testament to its versatility.

2017-Aston -Martin -DB4-GT-Continuation -interior“It’s a mark of Aston Martin’s breadth of abilities that in the same year we launched the DB11 we can also embark on an adventure such as the DB4 GT Continuation.”

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