Mazda MX-5 concepts heading to SEMA

Mazda MX-5 RF Kuro

Mazda MX-5 Speedster update and first RF concept will be revealed in Las Vegas next week.

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ can certainly be applied to the Mazda MX-5, but there’s nothing in the old adage about teasing us with awesome concepts.

The 2016 Wheels Car of the Year is the perfect little platform for modified show cars and two examples have already stirred excitement ahead of their appearance at the huge 2016 SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas next week.

One is based on the yet-to-be-released-here RF model while the other is an update of last year’s sleek open-top Speedster concept, both products of Mazda’s Irvine, California, design studio.

The Speedster Evolution is 45kg lighter than last year’s version, making it 160kg lighter than the production MX-5, with the windscreen and retractable roof removed and interior simplified.

Mazda -MX-5-RF-KuroThe mechanicals are the same, but with the aerodynamic fairing behind the driver’s head and a reduction in weight equivalent to two occupants, the Speedster Evolution should get along very smartly. And the reclined seating position makes it look seriously fun to drive, even if getting in and out will feel like leg day at the gym.

Finished in White Ether it’s a little more subtle looking than last’s year’s alluring Blue Ether scheme, which featured a bit more racing bling.

The Speedster Evolution is joined by its polar opposite the RF Kuro, which is the first concept based on the new retractable fastback MX-5. Kuro is the Japanese word for charcoal, which is expressed by the sultry matt, dark-grey paint job with matching 17-inch RAYS forged wheels inside BFGoodrich g-Force Rival tyres.

There are no changes under the bonnet, but it is kitted out with Mazda MX-5 Cup adjustable suspension which should make it feel like it running on rails.

We can’t wait to see more images after their reveal at the Las Vegas Convention Centre next week.

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