US cops book Ford engineers for speeding in GT prototypes

Ford GT prototypes

If the rumours about police and speeding ticket quotas are true, cops in Colorado must have thought all their Christmases had come at once when they spotted three Ford GT prototypes barrelling through the Rockies at twice the speed limit.

The pre-production supercars caused such a stir through picturesque Eagle County that three different police departments joined in on the action.  

The cars were spotted doing 101mph (162km/h) on their speedos, which was double the speed limit of the Glenwood Canyon highway.

According to the Vale Daily they were spotted by a Colorado state trooper who, for some inexplicable reason, radioed ahead rather than take the golden opportunity to give his patrol car a work out and get up close and personal to the GT’s wicked twin exhaust pipes.

They were intercepted 56 kilometres later near the town of Avon, where local and county cops joined in on the action.

But rather than ask for a joyride or taking selfies, Colorado’s finest instead, as the Vale Daily reported, “took a relaxed and slightly bemused attitude” before booking all three drivers. Apparently each ticket measured more than 30cm once they were ripped off the cops’ hand held printers

Eagle County spokeswoman Amber Barrett told Jalopnik a car clocked above 100 mph would definitely have a mandatory court date. However, because the drivers were from out of state they could be given a higher fine and more demerit points on their license in lieu of returning to attend court.

One would assume Ford’s marketing department will happily stump up the cash.

The GT mules were later filmed doing more socially acceptable speeds through the Rockies.

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