Ford Falcon decimates Lamborghini in drag race

Lamborghini Huracan vs Ford Falcon

IT seems like such a simple equation. A $400,000 V10-powered Italian supercar, and a four-door Australian family car in a head-to-head drag race on the quarter mile – who wins?

We have become accustomed to electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, surprising high-horsepower monsters at the strip, but this is perhaps the most shocking pair up on Australian soil we have seen.

No one would have expected the four-door family-car Ford Falcon to get ahead of Lamborghini’s Huracan, but it didn’t just beat it, it utterly embarrassed it by more than a second.

However, anyone familiar with the 4.0-litre six-cylinder turbo ‘Barra’ engine from Ford should have warned the owner of the Lamborghini not to have been so comfortable.

The mods on the Ford FPV F6 aren’t listed in the description of the video, but from the outside it doesn’t appear to be too significant.

Stickier tyres on the rear do hint that this family car isn’t completely stock but knowing the tuning potential of the Barra engine, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upsized turbo and intercooler under the bonnet, with boost wound up significantly.

Still, you would expect a $400,000 supercar like the Lamborghini Huracan to put up a significant fight.

With 449kW and all-paw traction, it is a formidable opponent, and capable of some impressive straight-line numbers.

In the end, the Lambo is hosed by over a second, with the Falcon crossing the line in 9.919sec at 140.12mph (225.50km/h). The Huracan recorded an 11.098sec pass at 131.04mph (210.88km/h).

For the Falcon to win by over a second is an incredible feat. Yes, it is almost guaranteed to be modified, but it is still mighty impressive for a four-door, six-cylinder, family car to take down an Italian supercar.

It needs to also be noted that a Huracan is capable of recording a 10.5sec pass from the factory with the right launch, but a 9.9 is too fast to trump.

Thanks to the good blokes at Fullboost for filming the showdown and sharing it for us all to enjoy!

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  • I reckon your Subi would destroy it around any track also! Ha ha expensive euro trash... Chopped by a family sedan, too funny! :-))
  • My 2013 WRX does the 400 metres in 9.15. That's the best time I've done with it. Obviously heavily modified, but still cost me less than $400,000 Think that's the point of the story. I'd rather have the falcon any day over the European rubbish. Bet it'll more more reliable than anything that comes from Europe. And I'm not even a ford fan. Obviously.
  • Yes. Yes. Blind Freddy knows the Falcon has some serious mods. Here's a critical question. When will we ever own a $400,000 Lamborghini Huracan? NEVER? On the other hand, an FG FPV with a few mods is very affordable. And yes it would be nice to know who did the tuning. The mods are a little bit predictable. Bigger turbo, injectors, cooler, fuel pump, zorst, Has the engine been opened to fit stronger rods and pistons? If this FPV is a Vic car, maybe it's the work of Nizpro Bayswater? Looks like Vic plates and the track is Calder.
  • Stock F6 Runs 10's... Next joke?
  • @Peter Looks are subjective Peter. The FG F6 was a wet dream of mine for many years (I had an FG XR50t). Black panda eyes on a white F6 is sex on wheels. The FGX has a more "European" look that I reckon will age well. It doesn't have the "look at me" factor going for it like an FPV, but that's fine by me. For an F6 to hold its value it will have to be unmodded and there in lies the problem. They're the only thing at the traffic lights that worry me......hardly any of the F6s are unmolested and we all know what a modded Barra is capable of.
  • @Chris Why do you have to just generalise the falcon as a taxi . Its a durable four door performance sedan which happens to accommodate 5 . Its the very same reason other brands of sedans of its size are used as taxis in other countries , or do you have something against taxis in general , unless of course you really depend on one to prevent having to drag your butt home . Taxis , whatever the brand , in case you haven't worked it out have a purpose , and theres lots of other types of cars which just don't suit the job by not carrying five without really squeezing in and just don't have the luggage capacity or the durability . By the way , wheels are not dumb for doing this , its interesting , the point is you just don't like at all the point of a falcon with some mods actually showing what it can really do .
  • A nine-second Falc needs to have had some serious work done to it to get to that sort of time. Cameron's comment "but from the outside it doesn’t appear to be too significant." and " Yes, it is almost guaranteed to be modified," are of the most naive and banal variety that I question his place at Wheels, given the titles' reputation for factual accuracy and methodical research. YOU are the champion for our automotive cause Wheels, so if you can't be bothered chasing an owner up to find out specs on a car then why the hell would we trust your COTY summations?
  • @wheels getting more dumb.. what a stupid comparison, whats the top speed of the FOULCAN? It's Higher! LOL Race Wars Result FORD #14 Lamborghini #35...
  • @wheels getting more dumb.. Faster than the Lambo.. just Google "Race Wars WA" That Euro trash got Chopped good!! LOL Old Henry would be happy..
  • @wheels getting more dumb.. Well, The FALCON does 140 mph in a 1/4 mile, it would have std gearing, which is around 2.90 ish, then it has a 6 speed with 2 overdrives, and its probably pulling around 700hp to the rear rears to run that I would guess the Falcon should easily run up to 200mph, with enough road....How fast will the Lambo go? Oh, and the Falcon can carry a bag of golfclubs, and an esky, plus 4 passengers. How much will the Lambo carry? a box of matches?
  • @Nick I have to agree, those new Falmondeos look crap, the BF/FG F6's will be the ones worth the money in years to come, great looking cars and when you mod them like this wow! The Lamborghini is all wheel drive as well! The Sprints are just fluffed up XR's...
  • @Nick How do you get to that conclusion Nick? My stock FGX Sprint goes faster, handles better and stops quicker than any stock FG (including the almighty F6). The FGs only win with choices of paint colours.
  • The F6 one of the most under rated Aussie cars even in stock form imo , and with some serious modding potential too boot . the Lambo is still quick though and very sexy looking . .
  • @wheels getting more dumb.. Yeah must agree, fancy putting a Lamborghini up against a taxi......and losing - lmao. Mate you don't get it do you. The lambo will outrun the FPV (most cars) in the NT, or anywhere where it can stretch its legs, it's a no brainer, why even bother stating the obvious - who cares. Kudos to the guy lining up in his lambo, he probably knows that over quarter mile his Lamborghini isn't that fast against the muscle cars that are lining up down the quarter these days, but he still brought it. Blokes like yourself have no respect for Motorsport on any level and are the ones who post 12 year old comments, you might be 12. Tuners are pushing these barra motors to over 2000hp, awesome motors.
  • WHEELS: Thanks heaps for this story. I enjoyed it immensely. What's the top speed of a Falcon? In Australia's "nanny states", it's 110kmh! (130kmh in the nanny territory). Q: Why are there increasing numbers of Greens in our legislatures? A: Because parliament is where we keep all our vegetables! And apologies to Dick J for the plagiarism there. Give up your blokey activities guys - our polies want us to turn to flower arranging. Just as well Yosemite Sam is a Seppo. He'd be stuffed in Australia. NO guns. NO line locker on his Mustang for burnouts!! No Trump to vote for. I wonder if "sewercide" rates are lower for Septic Tanks?
  • The FG is far better falcon than the current model. Ford motor company wants the public to get behind the new falcon. I can't remember the last time the falcon was advertised on t.v. Get real Ford. And how to you go backwards in technology.
  • Great stuff,modified or not just shows amazing performance from a 6cyl Falcon
  • @wheels getting more dumb.. Why is this a stupid comparison ? , does it hurt you somehow that a falcon engine has the potential for great horsepower ?
  • what a stupid comparison, whats the top speed of the FOULCAN?