Ford Falcon decimates Lamborghini in drag race

Lamborghini Huracan vs Ford Falcon

IT seems like such a simple equation. A $400,000 V10-powered Italian supercar, and a four-door Australian family car in a head-to-head drag race on the quarter mile – who wins?

We have become accustomed to electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, surprising high-horsepower monsters at the strip, but this is perhaps the most shocking pair up on Australian soil we have seen.

No one would have expected the four-door family-car Ford Falcon to get ahead of Lamborghini’s Huracan, but it didn’t just beat it, it utterly embarrassed it by more than a second.

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However, anyone familiar with the 4.0-litre six-cylinder turbo ‘Barra’ engine from Ford should have warned the owner of the Lamborghini not to have been so comfortable.

The mods on the Ford FPV F6 aren’t listed in the description of the video, but from the outside it doesn’t appear to be too significant.

Stickier tyres on the rear do hint that this family car isn’t completely stock but knowing the tuning potential of the Barra engine, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upsized turbo and intercooler under the bonnet, with boost wound up significantly.

Still, you would expect a $400,000 supercar like the Lamborghini Huracan to put up a significant fight.

With 449kW and all-paw traction, it is a formidable opponent, and capable of some impressive straight-line numbers.

In the end, the Lambo is hosed by over a second, with the Falcon crossing the line in 9.919sec at 140.12mph (225.50km/h). The Huracan recorded an 11.098sec pass at 131.04mph (210.88km/h).

For the Falcon to win by over a second is an incredible feat. Yes, it is almost guaranteed to be modified, but it is still mighty impressive for a four-door, six-cylinder, family car to take down an Italian supercar.

It needs to also be noted that a Huracan is capable of recording a 10.5sec pass from the factory with the right launch, but a 9.9 is too fast to trump.

Thanks to the good blokes at Fullboost for filming the showdown and sharing it for us all to enjoy!

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