More BMW M2 Coupes for Australia

BMW M2 Coupes for Australia

BMW has confirmed it will add 100 more M2s to the Aussie supply chain.

The brand has seen unprecedented demand for its newest performance model including the highest uptake of manual transmissions for any car in its range.

Australia was initially allocated 300 BMW M2s, all of which are sold out. A waiting list extending into 2017 was likely had BMW Australia not managed to secure the extra volume.

BMW-M2-front -side -driftingUp to 100 additional cars from this year’s production have now been earmarked for Australia. Only a limited number of M2s are scheduled for manufacture in 2016.

“One of the things we've noticed from the start with M2 is an amazing level of interest,” says Lenore Fletcher, spokesperson for BMW Australia.

“Munich is aware we have a lot of performance addicts. It was not easy to get the extra volume but we're pleased.”

BMW-M2-rearSo far uptake of a manual transmission in M2 sits around 25 percent, with three quarters of buyers opting for the dual-clutch ‘box.

The initial M2 sell-out makes it one the most popular M models in Australia. In 2015, BMW sold 280 M3s and 350 M4s.

Fletcher says offering a three-pedal option in the M2 has played a key role in drawing new buyers to the brand, and hasn’t stolen sales from M3 and M4.

BMW-M2-interior“It has made the car more accessible. We know there are a lot of performance-oriented enthusiasts out here,” added Fletcher. “So far this year the rate of sales for M3 and M4 has actually increased.”

Per capita, Australia’s appetite for M Division vehicles puts it second in the world, a stat that likely factored in BMW’s decision to send local dealerships more M2s. Australia has also been allocated 25 examples of the ultra-rare BMW M4 GTS, which are due to arrive in September.

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