2016 BMW i3 range increase for new model only

2016 BMW i3 range increase for new model only

The fully-electric 2016 BMW i3 has been treated to a near 50 percent range upgrade thanks to a new 94Ah battery that jumped the car’s 190km range to a significantly longer 300km.

Existing owners in overseas markets will be given the opportunity to have the new 94Ah battery retro-fitted. This will allow their current i3s to attain the same increased range as the incoming model. A fast-charging 11kw wall-mounted charging station will also be sold.

BMW-i 8-driving -rear -blueAt this stage, these options will not be offered locally. Aussies who are after the increased range will just have to purchase the big-batteried 2016 BMW i3 when it arrives late this year.

The current BMW i3 starts at $63,900 and will remain for sale alongside the longer-legged model. BMW Australia stated that it was still in the early stages of working out pricing and specification but we expect a price-tag to arrive towards the pointy-end of the year.

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