Want a really quick Commodore? Walk this way…

Walkinshaw Performance Tuning Parts

IT’S SOMEWHAT disquieting that walking among us are those who think a 6.2 litre, LS3 V8-engined Series II Commodore (304kW) or an HSV Clubsport (325kW) isn’t quick enough.

These people might also have considered the latest, supercharged, LSA-engined Clubbies (400kW), or the 430kW HSV GTS, and felt that they were a bit gutless, and that a 400m time beginning with a twelve was unacceptably lethargic.

If too much power merely represents a solid start, and you can rustle up $26,000, then Walkinshaw Performance Products’ W547 upgrade pack for LS3-engined Commodores and Clubsports is about the most cost-effective way we can think of to distort the facial features of a driver and four passengers. 

“With the launch of VF II it makes sense for WPP to release one of its most exciting W Series packages yet,” said General Manager Tony Harris.

“It’s not necessarily about the power and torque. It’s really about how well the package is put together and how well it drives, which in turn is based on how well it’s been engineered,” he said.

Walkinshaw -tuning -equipmentSo let’s concentrate on that power and torque. Peak power is rated at 547kW, and peak torque is 880Nm, up 117kW and 140Nm on an HSV GTS, and up 243kW on a Commodore SS. Which ought to mean that being embarrassed at a stop light is rarely going to be a consideration.

No performance figures have been quoted by Walkinshaw, and the kit doesn’t include any upgrades to braking and suspension. You might want to consider that at a later point, after witnessing the effects of having more power at your disposal than a third-world dictator with oil rights.

Aside from the WP230 Eaton supercharger, the kit contains a water to air intercooler, a special cold air intake, a camshaft and valve spring ugrade, ceramic coated headers, and a dual active cat back exhaust. The driveline is warranteed by WPP.

The first 50 customers will receive a special launch edition of the W547 package which includes the WP230 Supercharger finished in look-at-me yellow and an invitation to attend a ride day in a V8 Supercar, presumably so that you can laugh at its pathetic power output.

The upgrade package is available to order now and will arrive with authorised resellers from the start of November. So now you know where to look if home-grown humiliation of BMW M5s and Mercedes E63 AMGs is your kind of fun.

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