Ford market share its worst in history

2015 Ford Australia sales

An unprecedented sales result for the Aussie car market saw champagne flowing widely in June − unless you're a Ford dealer…

FORD Australia�s market share in June 2015 fell to 6.0%, compared to 13.6 a decade ago, despite the local car market growing from 955,229 sales in 2005 to 1,113,224 in 2014. Even this time last year, Ford’s slice of the market was a larger 7.5% before it went on to record its worst sales result since 1966.

Ford’s dismal sales continued last month despite a buoyant market that’s grown 3.3% so far this year, with more cars sold in June than ever. Still, Ford seems unable to convert some excellent products into sales results.

2015Ford Ranger WEBThe dour 2014 figure of 79,303 looks almost unobtainable after the first six months of 2015. Ford has sold 34,810 cars so far this year, and a simple doubling of that number sees a figure of 69,620 – almost 10,000 shy of last year’s poor result.

“We didn’t plan to set records over months, as Graeme [Whickman, Ford Australia president and CEO picture below] has said, we’re focusing on the long-term,” a Ford spokesperson told Wheels. “This is a complete transition … we’ve got a plan. We’re sticking to that plan … there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to build the company’s future.”Whickman3That plan sees Ford ‘transition’ from a local car maker to a full importer, with an emphasis on the new models it will introduce by 2020 following the closure of its local manufacturing in 2016. Yet its sales continue to stall in the meantime, with its June result meaning that the average Ford dealer – of which there are around 200 nationally – shifts around 36 cars a month.Falcon XR6TUte WEBMaking matters worse for local sales is the success of the locally-made models. While the Ranger was its best seller in June, the next most popular model was the Aussie-built Territory, in 36th place overall with 844 sales. Falcon sedan and ute sales combined for a 762 total, making it the third-best Ford nameplate, with a total of 1608 Australian-made Fords sold in June. With a total June result of 7251, that means almost a quarter of Ford’s sales are locally-made.Ford Mondeo 2015WEBWhile the excellent new Ford Mondeo is yet to make an impression on the sales charts, with only 202 sold in June, the Thai-built Ford Everest SUV will arrive in October followed by the highly-anticipated Ford Mustang in December. A minor Falcon update is anticipated in response to the Holden Commodore VF getting upgrades by the end of the year too.Mustang WEB

These models should improve Ford’s fortunes, with more than 2000 customers having already paid deposits on a new Mustang, according to the company. Yet the new metal may not be enough to avoid another embarrassing sales year.

Ford’s best result in its more than 90-year history in Australia was in 1985, when it sold 170,811 vehicles and led the market with a commanding 29.25% market share thanks in part to import tariffs.XFFalconSign up here to receive the latest round-up of Wheels news, reviews and video highlights straight to your inbox each week.

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  • Unfortunately , Ford have now got to the I NO LONGER CARE stage regarding their sales & marketing or dealer concerns regarding quality issues with the Falcon/Territory . Focus & Fiesta models hardly register on sales charts, Kuga is promising & is hardly seen or heard of, Mondeo is totally underrated & should be doing triple it's current sales , & Ford Australia really don't give a Stuff! Now that they have gone to this stage, it's probably better that they hand their marketing & advertising back to Dearborn HQ in the hope that at least a few imported models can be saved. It's also a probability that manufacturing will end here a lot sooner rather than later. Can't blame the government for your failures in being uncompetitive, & for the consistently inconsistent quality of our locally made vehicles. No Ford Australia, that's an issue that you have had decades to address & consistently failed to address. If you had sought other RHD/LHD markets , had improved the build quality of all vehicles made here, & had actually built the types of cars that people actually wanted as opposed to what you thought that they needed, & had built cars with petrol/diesel/ hybrid engines to suit various export markets, chances are that you would still be manufacturing vehicles here for another 50 yrs. It's your own inability to have understood market needs & trends that has finally led to the destruction of Ford Australia.
  • I bought a new focus trend had transmission problems biggest lemon I ever purchased will never buy another ford product again
  • @Griz ....So well put mate . Clearly many Australians care about just one aussie job , ..their own only . They have little understanding about putting back into the very country that theyre employed in and sustained . Once Fords manufacturing is closed here then I will aim to buy imported non automotive products and watch on the media when they all squeal when their job is done over . I already have my future secured with falcons for some years on , as I have one restored , two more to be restored yet , my current FG XR6T and my xr8 due in December . I will never have to stoop down to an import dealer for a disposable turd on wheels in my lifetime .
  • What did ford expect ? The way they treat their customers is disgraceful , you go to buy a car they wint b let you road test it and they are too tight to give yiu a brochure especially for the FPV models .Then when you do buy one you got to threaten to punch out the service advisor, just to get warrenty on parts that are covered under warrenty and is clearly a warrenty claim. Then when you car is off the road becsuse of a warrenty problem they will not give you a loan car. When you find yourself 6 years down the track and your heater controls pack up, they tell you it is no longer made and nil stock. Ford got too big for their boots and people walked.
  • @Mac Yeah Australia's motor trends are pretty disgraceful. People dont research before they buy I guess. Toyota sale figures are pretty ridiculous because their cars arent that good right now. Hyundai and Kia cars have made a good improvement and good design but have a long way to go with drive refinement and handling. The cars aren't even good value; people just buy them because, to be frank, they are stupid.
  • @Exfordlover Yeah the ranger is quite expensive but most heavy utility utes are. A decent model is around 50k for the Ranger because it does take money to create a vehicle that can tow tonnes of equipment. Ranger's competitors are all around that price. Honestly the Ford Mondeo right now is probably the best mid size car in the market, beating Mazda 6 due to the refined driving and so much equipment that comes with it. Its really cost effective starting at around 32k. Toyota have built up a reputation of reliability so people who dont know about cars just go for it as a safe option even though their cars aren't that great right now except for the Corolla. Its sad to see the demise of Ford in Australia and hopefully they can rebound. They deserve it because their cars are excellent right now.
  • well what do you expect, they finally start making some decent cars (ranger) and they think they can charge rediculous prices for them. I hear they are talking $70k plus for the new Everest, bet they sell heaps of them. Ford need to go back to basics, what was the motto of Henry ford - affordable cars for the masses.
  • goodbye ford
  • Wow, that is terrible. Ford just needs to make better adverts. They really need better adverts (more fun, more jokes maybe or entertaining) . Those adverts could quite possibly be the reason for the terrible sales. Come on, Ford! You can make an advert actually worth watching!
  • Fords marketing is the problem, why use a girl (who is probably a nice person) to try flogging the Ranger whilst talking down other brands, will Ford never learn, that crap always backfires.
  • I had to sell my 2013 HSV just 6 months back due to a job loss (because of cheap imports sending my employer to the wall and our existing customer base deserting us) . Three weeks ago I asked a friend for a lift in his FG XR6T because my wifes corolla died . I could barely believe the power of this XR6T , bags of torque like I never imagined , and an average fuel usage on his display of 10.6 litres per 100 kays . Thankfully I will be back on my feet soon financially and then I will be change my name to XR6T Fred . Its such a shame that I had my head in the sand for so long.
  • @Mac . You have put it well . Some points you wrote I wouldn't have thought about in this depth . Your first comment about the reference to many hilux owners and their cult mentality rings true . Funniliy enough I also have a hilux , but when im driving my euro sedan then I see these aggressive , king of the road antics from other hilux owners .Maybe I will sack the hilux as I don't really need a ute that much anyhow as I have a trailer . Maybe its time to do my bit for the local industry while I still can ! . My last Falcon which I sold 10 years back was brilliant and I regret selling it .
  • The final paragraph contains the answer that could have kept our local manufacturing alive and well!
  • ive owned many fords EL. AU. BA. FG. And petrol territory and diesel territory. And now a 2014 RANGER. Can't. Fault any of these cars so all your talk about crap built go buy one and try it before commenting you wingers are the problem because you by the crap from o/s cheap **** you are the cause of the car industry going and the bloody government look at the government departments. See if you can spot the Aussie car. . Buy Australian made the gov says where the bloody hell Zara there's from ? If the government alone bought local that would be hundred of thousands of cars which would keep our industry
  • @Krispy Agreed, it's a bit like that. Love the products but they can't advertise too well. When was the last time a Falcon was advertised?
  • Ford Marketing couldn't sell a glass of ice water to a man dying of thirst in the desert. They continually misread the consumers intention while treating customers they do have like typhoid sufferers. And yes my last car was a Falcon so I do have experience dealing with Ford. As for the prospects for their new models, I registered my interest in the new Mustang at least six months ago and do you know what I have heard from them since - nothing. I read about the models due in Australia elsewhere, I got nothing about the new pricing or colours or anything. As usual they treat customers like mugs.
  • 90% of what was said is correct, the other 10% that the writer didn't report on or doesn't know does make a difference to the reality of the situation.... Before we all jump up on our high horse, let's get the basics correct....
  • @George . I also expect as anyone does, quality from what I buy . I have over the years had good service from my Falcons , and if that were not the case then I would be agreeing with you . Evidently lots of people who dontt have one wrongly think they know a hell of a lot about them !! , Probability wise its not possible that I would keep getting good ones while other people get bad ones .Yes, many people buy on price so if they save a few grand they will contribute to the demise of manufacturing here without a second thought .....They obviously have no conscience!! , not till their own job elsewhere is affected and then they squeal . Yes ,I will also continue to blame the public for the demise of manufacturing here , in many industries . Shame on em !!!
  • @Mac clearly you're thoughts represent the minority. We the" bonehead " public don't buy the local product ( falcon and territory from Ford) because they are crap. Perhaps if the local manufactures made a decent product the industry wouldn't be closing. Don't blame the public for buying a better product
  • Just as it is written here that Ford seems unable to convert excellent product into sales results , just proves that its not Fords fault whats happening . The true blame lies with a largely boneheaded public who can no longer identify a good product from crap . Most people couldn't either care less about our balance of payments either , with little thought about the effect on Australias economy when they buy cheap n nasty disposable models from some countries !! . Once our own car manufacturing is destroyed by our so thoughtful Australians then permanent economic failure is what many of our own people will deserve ,and then theyre stupid questions will start to come . It is really odd that with Fords low numbers here that their sales rankings are 1st in Canada , UK , a close second behind GM in the USA and has a stronger percentage ranking in Europe than here . Most places other than Australia and NZ where Fords ranking is low is in most Asian countries,(traditionally because they will buy Japanese or Korean) or third world areas (Africa or middle east) , so these backward third world countries seem to be what Australians follow with their mentality .Meanwhile Hilux sales have such a cult following they may as well have the mentality of ISIL , who also love their Hilux