2017 Subaru Levorg to cost less than $60K

2017 Subaru Levorg

Subaru has confirmed that its oddly-named kiddie-hauler is set to do battle with the VW Golf R Wagon, as the sub-$60K sports wagons promise plenty of fun for the school run.

THE Subaru Levorg has been confirmed for Australian showrooms for 2016 setting up a battle of the hot wagons by joining the VW Golf R Wagon Down Under. As predicted back in the March 2015 issue of Wheels, both will cost less than $60,000 and offer scintillating performance to go with the extra luggage space.

Despite the odd name, which Subaru Oz has confirmed to Wheels will remain for the Aussie market, the Levorg ain’t a Star Trek villain. It's effectively a Subaru WRX-powered successor to the Liberty GT wagon, though the front and rear-end styling has been amped to separate it from the current mum-and-dad Liberty sedan, even if it misses out on the WRX's wheelarch blisters.


While local spec is yet to be confirmed, this grunty wagon, which sits on the same platform as the Impreza and Liberty duo, runs a 211kW/400Nm version of the WRX’s 2.0-litre four in its most potent Japanese-market guise, making it good for a mid-five-second 0-100km/h sprint. Yet the Levorg is expected to be updated between now and the time it arrives in Australian showrooms in early 2017, which may include refreshed engines as well cosmetic tweaks.

Snapping at its heels will be the VW Golf R Wagon, which is due here in October with a $58K estimated price and a 0-100km/h claim of 5.1sec. The hot Golf wagon is powered by the EA888 206kW/380Nm 1984cc turbocharged four-cylinder with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission and a Haldex all-wheel drive. VW Oz has ruled out a manual version, while the Levorg will take a leaf out of the WRX’s book at be offered exclusively with a CVT.

VWGolf RWagon

The lack of a Subaru Liberty wagon has the local arm of Subaru expecting the Levorg to entice showroom shoppers who want something more dynamic than the Subaru Outback wagon. So far in 2015, the wagon has outsold the sedan by a factor of three-to-one.

The two heavy-hitting kiddie haulers won’t have the wild wagon market to themselves. They’ll be up against the cheaper, almost as fast and roomier $55K Holden Commodore SS V Sportwagon, which has the muscle to cover 0-100km/h – complete with baby seat – in a Wheels-tested 5.7sec. On top of this, expect the current VF range is expected to be given a serious update before the close of 2015, so the Holden wagon could be even faster that that once the VW and Subaru arrive in showrooms.

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  • A diesel manual or automatic version would sell brilliantly to all the suby fans that were repulsed by what the gen 2 liberty wagon and next gen offerings had turned into: a goddawful ugly SUV for the US market. Go back to your roots Fuji heavy Industries! Make me a good looking car that I want to buy! This is the best piece of styling you've come up with in the last decade. Run with it!! It's far more than a boy racer,
  • This would be sick ayye
  • So are the Liberty and Impreza on the same platform now? Was expecting this to be priced a few grand above the WRX range, since it's effectively an Impreza Wagon?
  • People in glass houses GG. If you are going to criticise another person's spelling or grammar, make sure you are yourself faultless. For example, the first word in a sentence should always start with a capitalised letter, so you should have written "You" not "you". Moreover, you also misspelled "cheap" in that context. Your sentence should have read "It's cheap, not cheep...." As far as the article goes, if the Levorg is as good as my previous Liberty GT (which it in effect replaces) it will be a *******. I have owned five Subarus (two currently) and two VAG cars (an Audi A4 and an Audi A6). The Subarus performed faultlessly while I had no end of trouble with the two VAG cars. They were pretty, well finished inside and performed well but were constantly at the dealer for repairs. Never again. VAG cars are engineered to last the length of the average lease and then they become an expensive headache. Add to that the Subaru's constant AWD system (compared to the Golf's pretend Haldex system) and the costs of servicing, and the decision to go with the Subaru over the Golf is any easy one. Subaru Australia will sell every one they can lay their hands on.
  • you spelled cheap wrong. It's cheap, not cheap and the living will be useless. Living = Subaru Levong
  • willitbeworthit, not at all cheep
  • not cheap at all even for a people mover, or if it even is…