Tesla Model S updates 'eliminate range anxiety'

Tesla Model S 6.2 software

TESLA has launched its latest software that it claims will end range anxiety for its electric vehicles, as well as adding more safety features and new top speed of 250km/h for the Model S.

The Silicon Valley company’s 6.2 software update, which is enacted remotely, introduces ‘Range Assurance’ and ‘Trip Planner’ that it claims will ‘eliminate range anxiety’. It does so by directing the nav system to the nearest Tesla Supercharger (the company’s high-speed charging points) along the route and within the remaining range if the final destination is beyond this distance.

The Superchargers can provide 273km range in as little as 30 mins, according to Tesla, with the company also claiming that 90 per cent of the US population lives within 282km of a supercharger. The entry-level Model S has a claimed range of 335km, while the top performing P85D posts a 407km maximum range, while there are 403 supercharger stations in the USA with 2219 superchargers.

The range and Supercharger points can be access by a smartphone app called ‘Trip Planner’ that works in conjunction with sat-nav to advise owners of how much charge is required to complete the programmed journey.

The BMW i3 has a similar system in its sat-nav, whereby it advises the range of the remaining charge on the navigation display. It also alters the range depending which drive mode the i3 is in, and advises of the nearest charging point should the destination be beyond reach.

The Tesla 6.2 software also provides Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Warning, features promised when the Model S recorded a five-star EURO NCAP rating late last year.

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