2015 Geneva Motor Show: Lexus performance push

Lexus LFA

More halo cars are coming from Lexus, but another LFA supercar could be decades away

LEXUS is working on expanding its range of high-performance hero cars, but another LFA supercar could be decades away.

Lexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin said exciting models with higher performance would make up a greater proportion of the model mix as the Japanese brand continued its model expansion.

“We’re going to have lots of halo cars in future,” Templin said.

“[Toyota chief] Akio Toyoda has said he believes every generation of people – a generation being 30 years – deserves a special car like the LFA.

“Someday there’s a good chance that we’ll have another supercar in the realm of the LFA.”

At the top of the brand’s line-up, the LS saloon is likely to remain the most expensive and luxurious Lexus.

“There may be derivatives of the LS, or different models of the LS, but LS is really the core halo car.”

He reiterated there were no plans to follow the German lead by creating myriad body styles for expansive model ranges, something that increases complexity, production costs and marketing.

“We don’t want to have a line-up of 100 different models – it’s not an efficient business process. I’d rather have a much tighter line-up of vehicles than some of our competitors have but be able to compete in the biggest segments.”

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