Ford recalls 18K Falcons, Territorys to fix dodgy ignition

Ford Falcon

FORD Australia is recalling almost 18,000 locally made Falcon sedans and utes, and Territory SUVs to fix a potentially dangerous fault with the vehicles' ignition barrels.

The fault, which has the potential to stall the engine and in turn switch off activation of safety gear such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, has also prompted a warning for drivers to stop adjusting the steering wheel's position for fear that it will add to the risk of sparking the fault.

"On some vehicles there is potential for the ignition switch electrical connector to disengage," Ford's statement to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which oversees the safety recall of vehicles, says.

"If the connector disengages while driving, the engine will stall, electrical functions will be lost, and the vehicle will be unable to be restarted,"it says. "This poses a potential accident hazard to the driver and other road users."

Ford says the fault was detected in vehicles coming off the carmaker's Broadmeadows line
between November 12, 2013 and October 13 last year. It therefore applies to almost a year's worth of the last batch of FG MkII Falcons and SY Territory SUVs before production switched to the final FGX Falcon range and SZ Territory vehicles that will carry the carmaker through to the end of manufacturing in 2016.

Ford says it will write to all the owners of affected vehicles, where it is expected the
connectors will be inspected and replaced at no cost.

"Until the safety recall service is completed it is recommended that the steering column "tilt" or "reach" positions are not adjusted as this may reduce the engagement of the electrical connector," it says.

Ford's is the 15th vehicle recall in the last 30 days to flag owners of potential safety-related problems in a number of different marques including Holden, Toyota, Audi, Chrysler and Nissan over the last 30 days, according to the Federal Government's tracking website for dodgy products.

The list of carmakers dragging vehicles back into workshops includes last year's recalls gold
medallist, the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Decade-old versions of the US carmaker's current bestseller were found to be in need of a
fix after it was discovered that front airbags and seatbelt pretensioners that are only supposed to fire in a crash were instead activating randomly.

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  • Another point is that when my SZ Territory goes in for the recall they are going to have to fit bolts that were missing from the time of manufacture that hold the RH front guard on which I have only just found while looking for a noise in the fire wall, they will also chase some strange clanging noises in the front suspension if you go over speed humps a little bit quicker than walking pace, I can see no rebound rubbers fitted and no where to put them. Front suspension drops quick and CLANG. The general quality is dissapointing after 3 Commodores. Ford has better seats though. Holden could not provide a vehicle for the right price that is as comfortable and as capable towing my van as the Territory. Swings and rounbabouts with Australian cars.!!!!
  • I own a SZ diesel Territory that was manufactured in Dec 2013, it IS part of the recall. Just ask Ford Customer service dept. It is NOT the SY Territory as stated. Get your story straight, not professional reporting at all. The SZ was commenced manufacturing in 2011. What other bad uninformed examples of bad reporting is there, probably about Falcon models which I am not familiar with.
  • I've got to say I agree Brian. Why put a photo of an FG-X, when the recall is for FG Mk11.
  • So why have these alarmist gooses put an FG-X on the story as the visual headline grab. FG-X is NOT being recalled! What some publications will stoop to attract readers! The last thing Ford needs right now is even the hint that the FG-X has mechanical issues, let alone SAFETY issues - and Wheels knows it. Pathetic news story construction. Shame on you Wheels you cheap unpatriotic rag!