2015 Geneva Motor Show: ED Design Torq concept

Ed Design Torq

AN ITALIAN sports car design house with experience in penning concepts for brands including Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari has come up with a novel design for a race car – featuring no windows.

Details are as sketchy as the image released flagging the Torq’s presence at next month’s Geneva motor show.

The low-slung, super car-styled Torq – as the concept from  ED Group is known – is believed to be a two-seat racer featuring electric drivetrain that its makers hope will one day compete in a one-make class.

Strangely, too, the Torq will be an autonomous car, suggesting both seats will be occupied by passengers rather than drivers.

And because anyone sitting in the car doesn't need to see where they're going, or pilot the Torq around a track, there's no need for windows, steering wheels or other controls, its makers say.

We're not convinced.

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