Wheels February 2015 - Inside the Issue

The February 2015 issue of Wheels is your Car of the Year edition and explains how, why, and what the judges and cars went through before the winner was voted.

As well as the 52nd annual COTY, there’s the fire-and-brimstone of the Ford Mustang arm-wrestling the Chevrolet Camaro – could this been the new battleground between Holden and Ford, with the Camaro tipped for Aussie showrooms?

We reveal Chrysler’s Aussie V8 plan, the long-awaited return of the Mazda range and tilt the Mercedes-AMG GT into Laguna Seca’s daunting corkscrew to see if its new sports car is a genuine Porsche 911 rival.

We drive the new Mazda CX-3 crossover and the VW Polo GTI – with a manual gearbox at last!

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