Mercedes boxes on

MERCEDES’ all-new nine-speed automatic transmission will be introduced in Australia in November fitted to the facelifted CLS500 seen here – and it raises gearing to previously impossible heights.

The nine-speed ’box combines a 2.47:1 diff ratio with a 0.60:1 top gear for an astonishing 89.3 km/h per 1000 rpm, compared to 68.6 km/h for the current seven-speed auto (which will continue to be offered as volumes of the new auto are ramped up).

At 110km/h, the engine will be turning over at a barely above idle 1200rpm.

Mercedes claims the gearbox improves fuel consumption and performance, while also helping to advance refinement levels.

Three versions of the new 9G gearbox are planned to meet different torque output levels, though all three will share the same casing.

For AMG, Mercedes has engineered the gearbox for up to 1000Nm of torque; the intermediate variant is for torque up to 700Nm, while the third is intended for diesel applications with up to 640Nm. 

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