Macan boosts Porsche

Porsche Macan

PORSCHE has already sold 600 Macan compact SUVs in Australia – three weeks before it is officially launched here.

To put that in perspective, it takes around 17 months to sell the same number of 911s.

The demand for the Macan is even stronger than this sales figure suggests given that a six-month wait worked against it.

Porsche Cars Australia managing director Sam Curtis said several customers came in to buy a Macan, but opted for the larger Cayenne instead to avoid the wait.

The Macan is the cheapest model Porsche has offered for decades, with prices starting at $84,900, more than $15,000 less than the base Cayenne.

An even more affordable four-cylinder turbo Macan is expected to drive the entry price down even lower when it inevitably joins the range locally.

Curtis will not say how many Macans PCA expects to sell locally, but insists the company will not chase volume and force the market.

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