NT to expand open speed limit trial

Open speed limit trial a success

Northern Territory transport minister Peter Styles is looking to expand its no-speed-limit trial to more sections of major highway.

A 200km stretch of Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Barrow Creek has been operating without a speed limit for two months as part of a 12-month trial.

"We've always said and [told] people that it's their responsibility to drive to the conditions of the road, the condition of their vehicle, to their own capabilities,” Styles told the ABC.

"I believe it's been a success so far.

“Anecdotal evidence that I've received is that people are behaving themselves. The police have indicated that everyone seems to be doing the right thing out there.”

There have been no reported accidents as a result of the trial.

Nevertheless, concerns have been raised about high-speed suitability of the roads and driver safety.

Consultants are conducting assessments and will advise the government about permanent implementation when the trial concludes.

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