Land Rover promises unboggable car by 2015

Land Rover Discovery

Jaguar Land Rover believes it has secret, ground breaking new technology to produce vehicles that will never get bogged or stuck off road.

Wheels can reveal the company has created a revolutionary type of traction control that means its upcoming vehicles can never get stuck. Ever.

The new technology, unveiled as part of the ground-breaking tech found in the new Discovery Vision concept that you can read about here, works with the car’s traction control system to free vehicles from any type of terrain, even if completely beached.

“You cannot get stuck, you just cannot,” JLR product boss Bob Joyce told us.

“Essentially, it’s a very clever algorithm and one that works for both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.

“The system brakes and sends torque to single wheels, but it’s not in big movements. It actually pulses the wheels individually.

“It makes a hell of a noise, but it works on every type of terrain – snow, ice, sand and mud.

“And trust me, it works every time. It’s never failed.”

Joyce said his team of engineers even beached a long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ sedan to test the system’s effectiveness.

“Spades, tow ropes and those planks you put under the wheels for traction? You can throw them all away,” he said.

“It’s not a quick process unsticking these cars; sometimes it can take up to two minutes, but it always works. You just push a button, a ‘get out of jail’ button, take your hands and feet away and the car does the rest.”

The system works at speeds up to 16km/h and is yet to receive an official name, according the Joyce.

And when will we see it in production?

“Oh, it’s not very far away,” he said. “Not far at all. We’ll see it well before the next Discovery, which is due in 2015.”

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