Self-slider: BMW's ConnectedDrive

BMW has used the 2014 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase a possible future in performance driving. And it's not all good news for driving purists.

Under its ConnectedDrive banner, BMW has developed a 'research prototype for highly automated driving'.

Built into a 235i coupe, the ActiveAssist technology is designed to 'demonstrate maximum safety up to the car's dynamic limit' and was displayed to CES attendees at the nearby LAs Vegan Motor Speedway.

Impressively, the new tech is designed to actively control the vehicle through brakes, steering and engine power, rather than 'reacting' to grip loss at either axle as per current-generation systems.

In practice, this means the car can control itself up to and beyond the limits of grip, using processing power in favour of driver skill to gain the ultimate lap time. And yes, it will perform oversteer slides where appropriate.

If you're a technology buff, it's great news - but are the days of the driving enthusiast now officially numbered?

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