Rent a Bugatti Veyron for $28K!

Got 30 grand to blow? Feeling impulsive and have a need for speed?

How about hiring a Bugatti Veyron for a day?

Yes, for ‘just’ 16,500 pounds ($28,230 AUD) UK firm Holders Vehicle Contracts will lend you the king of supercars for 24 hours.

But while that might sound expensive, think about it for a second.

Buying a Veyron outright is hideously expensive, not to mention prohibitive costs like insurance, servicing bills and general running costs.

Rent one, though, and those costs aren’t your worry. Instead it’ll just be you, the Veyron and the open road.

And if 24 hours doesn’t sound long enough, for just $77,000 you can have one for the whole weekend.

We just recommend you don’t crash it. You might end up paying a lot more in insurance premiums…

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