Electric car boss plans 1300km/h 'train'

Forget trains that travel at 500km/h – the boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, reckons he can build a train that will hit…1300km/h.

Sounds farfetched right? Wait until you hear the rest of his plan.

Called the Hyperloop, Musk’s idea is to build an all-new, high-speed transport system that will connect Los Angeles and San Francisco in just half an hour.

And while it might look like a train, Musk says it’s something else altogether.

Tripped to cost $6.57 billion to build, the proposed Hyperloop will run on a tube system, not rails, and propel itself on a cushion of air caused by extremely low air pressure – essentially a vacuum.

But while its science is complicated, the biggest question surrounding the Hyperloop is who will build it?

Musk says he could himself, theorising his team could complete a prototype within two years and that tickets would cost just $22 per trip.

But while he’s convinced he could do it, Musk says he won’t. He’s too busy making electric cars apparently…

For now the plans for the Hyperloop are on the open market which means anyone can improve or change them.

All you’ll need is $6.57 billion to build it.

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