Winners ride in an Audi R8 V10 Plus

It’s not often that you hear the phrase “that was the best day of my life, thank you so much” – not unless you’re George Clooney, anyway – so to hear it three times in a few hours is a bit of a buzz.

That’s the experience we had after selecting two winners – 18-year-old Tayla Choice and 17-year-old Cody Skoumbourdis – for our win a ride in an Audi R8 V10 Plus Facebook competition (the third one was Cody’s Dad, who also snuck into the passenger seat).

The two youngsters, who happen to be cousins, won us over with their overwhelming passion, not just for cars in general, but for this car, and this colour scheme, in particular.

Tayla says the very existence of the R8 inspires her to strive harder in her chosen career – opera singing – every day, so that one day she can afford one.

Cody has chosen his career – mechanical engineering – because he’s so impressed by the technology and design involved in the Audi supercar, and one day he’d like to work on similar vehicles. Both of them already had this particular car as the save screens on their phones, tablets, computers, etc. This was love, people.

And to see them enjoying the experience of just sitting in the stunning Audi – and to hear them shouting “Holy moley!” repeatedly – was a fantastic thrill of vicarious joy.

You can see the delight written all over their faces in the accompanying video. At several stages we were worried that their heads might actually explode.

These two won their Greatest Day Ever simply by being fans of Wheels on Facebook. Next time it could be you.

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