The 400km/h Belgian supercar

Boutique supercars from small manufacturers are common. But every now and then one catches our eye.

Like this Minerva J.M Brabazon – a hybrid Belgian Supercar that has the Bugatti Veyron firmly in its sights.

Boasting a predicted top speed of over 400km/h, the Minerva could become one of the world’s fastest cars.

If it’s built, that is.

Currently firmly in the ‘planning’ stage, the images you see here are shots of the concept, with a working model yet to be built.

Still, if Minerva is to be believed, the Brabazon could be a supercar killer.

Tipped to use a V12 engine and twin-electric hybrid system, Minerva – which is one of Belgium’s oldest car makers - plans to give the Brabazon a lightweight kevlar body, carbonfibre monoque, regenerative brakes and a limited slip differential.


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