Meet the world's fastest lawnmower: the 210km/h Mean Mower

Sick of spending hours moving the lawn? Honda has the answer.

It’s called the Mean Mower and it’s officially the world’s fastest lawnmower.

Built with Honda’s title winning British Touring Car Championship team, this 140kg monster can hit 0-100km/h in four seconds. That’s faster than a Porsche 911.

Top speed is a hideously unsafe 210km/h – thanks mostly to the Mean Mower’s 1000cc VTR Firestorm motorcycle engine.

Obviously Honda has made some pretty drastic modifications to its base Lawn Tractor, fitting a chomoly chassis, bespoke suspension, paddle-shift six-speed gearbox, custom body and ATV wheels.

Oh and don’t think it’s all about speed. Thanks to two electric motors, it can still cut grass, at a slightly slower 24km/h.

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