Bugatti's special 408km/h 'legend'

What you’re looking at here is officially the fastest roadster…in the world.

Unveiled overnight, it’s called the ‘Les Legendes de Butatti’, which translates as ‘Bugatti Legends’.

One of six ‘special editions’, it’s essentially a 408km/h 895kW rocket ship built as a tribute to individuals who shaped Bugatti’s future.

Based on the world’s fastest convertible, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, this first example pays homage to Jean-Pierre Wimille – a Frenchman who won the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours twice in a Bugatti.

Just three Jean-Pierre William Bugattis will be built, with the brand yet to reveal pricing.

Expect the five remaining ‘Legends’ to be released periodically over the next year.

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