All Alfas to go RWD

Alfa Romeo, go, rear-whee-drive, MiTo, Giuletta, new, models, BMW, rival

In a move sure to quicken the pulse of any car fan, Alfa Romeo is planning to switch its entire range to rear-wheel-drive.


For a brand renowned for making cars with ‘passion’ and ‘soul’, a move to a RWD platform could see Alfa recapture its old grandeur.

Recent times has seen Alfa develop front-drive-hatchbacks like the MiTo and Giulietta.

The news comes from a new report, published by CAR magazine, which also says Alfa is developing a BMW 3-Series rival to roll out in 2015, and two new SUVs (sigh).

Whether they’re built remains to be seen, but still, we like the noises coming out of Alfa at the moment…

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