Toyota Supra to return!

Like a twisted necrophiliac Toyota has been promising to revive the iconic Supra for a while now.

But after years of teasing, the Japanese brand’s new head honcho has just given us the best indication yet that the Supra will return in 2015.

In fact, Toyota’s incoming chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, says a new Supra is exactly the thing the company needs.

Speaking about the brand’s upcoming sportscar in partnership with BMW, Uchiyamada says Toyota needs a new ‘mid-sized’ car, adding that simply replicating the GT86 would be ‘futile’.

But despite his enthusiasm, Uchiyamada stressed the final decision would be up Toyota’s engineers, not him.

Still having the support of Toyota’s top brass can only be a good thing for Supra diehards…

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