The $500K limo that's a day spa on wheels

Fancy a car with seats inspired by first class airline travel, a ‘self-perfuming system’ made from coconut shells and a massage system that replicates the ‘hot stone technique’?

Then the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is for you.

Officially unveiled in a lavish media event in Hamburg, Germany, overnight, the new 2014 S-Class is designed to reinvent the luxury sedan and be ‘the best automobile in the world.’

To achieve this, the S-Class has been given Rolls-Royce rivalling luxuries, making it part first class lounge, part day spa, part office.

As expected with any new S-Class, it’s bristling with ground-breaking technology, including a new system that monitors the road ahead and prepares the suspension for bumps.

It also boats an advanced ‘semi-autonomous driving’ system, meaning the car can steer, accelerate and brake on its own thanks to technology that allows it to ‘read the road’.

Designed to appeal to the booming Chinese market, the new S Class – which goes on sale in Australia later this year – is expected to start from about $200,000 and stretch beyond $500,000.

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