SUV drivers are Australia's angriest

It’s official: the most aggressive drivers on Australian roads, and those most likely to engage in road rage, drive SUVs.

In an official study of driver behaviour conducted by national insurer AAMI, drivers of SUVs were found most likely to:

• Consider themselves to be an impatient driver

• Have had an accident in the last five years because of their own impatience

• Ignore restricted speed limits in places like suburban roads or outside schools

• Have become angry with the actions of another driver and tailgated them

• Yell or swear at another driver for doing something they thought was rude or dangerous

• ‘Gesture’ rudely at another driver they think was doing something rude or dangerous

Aggressive drivers are also more likely to drive black cars than any other colour.

The results are a ‘major U-turn’ from the findings of the same study in 2011, which named drivers of small cars the most likely to be aggressive.

Interestingly, almost two thirds of Australian SUV drivers are women aged 25-49 – with the study shattering the perception young men in ‘souped up’ cars are the most aggressive drivers on our roads.

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