Faster, harder LaFerrari coming

It’s already the fastest, most extreme road-car ever built by Ferrari, but reports are swirling an even quicker, no compromise version of the LaFerrari is on its way.

Ferrari chief designer Flavio Manzoni has hinted the brand is considering a hardcore version of the hypercar, which would reportedly be 250kg lighter and have even more power.

Currently the LaFerrari boasts 718kW and 900Nm from its hybrid drivetrain.

“When we were producing the original design proposals for LaFerrari there was one proposal that I thought was especially beautiful,” said Manzoni. “So we decided to keep that one back for something truly special in the future.”

Should it go ahead, Ferrari is expected to make just 10 versions of the ‘raw’ LaFerrari, with buyers likely to pay an astronomical $6.75 million.

Ferrari has a history of making limited edition hardcore versions of its road cars, like the Enzo FXX and 599XX.

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